Advantage Asset Property Management

In The Woodlands, TX
We serve the greater Woodlands/Conroe area, but go as far north as Huntsville and as far south as Katy. We currently manage a number of homes in Montgomery and Harris County. We look forward to serving your property management needs. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our services, policies or operations.
Our fee structure is modest and there are two primary fees that we think are the most competitive. The first is the monthly management service fee. This fee is a percentage of the monthly lease amount. The second fee that is a competitive natured fee is the leasing commission fee. We rely on local leasing and real estate agents to bring to us qualified and respectable tenant/customers. Much the same as buying or selling a home, these agents are paid a commission for their work. The commission is equal to one months’ rent of the home they are successful in placing their client/tenant. The first month’s rent will be paid to the broker and the agents involved in the transaction.
AAm is proud to offer an in house maintenance staff.  We are able to offer discounted rates to our clients since we don’t have to wait for 3rd party vendors.  We make sure our properties are a priority and have our maintenance line managed 24/7.
We have in place a firm and trusted policy based on best business practices to screen all that apply. We run criminal background checks nationally, eviction and civil judgment checks, and credit checks on all applicants. We run criminal background checks on anyone living in the home 18 years of age or older. All leases have standard terms such as all rent is due on the first and rent late fees are charged if payment is not received on or before the third of each month.
We are not simply rent collection specialists, but view ourselves as extensions of our owner/client’s interests, hence the name Advantage Asset Management. We inspect, visit, maintain, and care for all of our client’s property interests. Because we are family owned and operated, we maintain a personal service and commitment that I’m confident would be hard to find anyplace else. All of us are licensed real estate agents, so we can take immediate action on any problem when working with our owners, tenants or other agents when leasing your property.
Our owner services include web access to your account information and we offer our tenants the ability to pay their rent online which increases the number of on-time payments. All owners are paid around the 10th of each month and their funds are electronically deposited into the account of their choice. We maintain a 24 hour emergency phone to assist tenants at any time and to comply with Texas law and property code. We have specific office procedures in place for everything from rent collection to tenant move out procedures to ensure compliance with Texas landlord/tenant law.

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