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Advantage Asset Management: The Premier Choice for Single-Family Home Management

From its inception, Advantage Asset Management (AAM) identified a significant gap in the property management industry: the single-family home segment was grossly underserved. Many firms were more than willing to oversee such properties, yet their commitment and quality of service often fell short. Our realization of this stark disparity wasn’t merely academic—it stemmed from our personal struggles to find adept property managers for our own homes. Rather than enduring subpar service, we founded AAM with a clear vision: to elevate the standards of property management, specifically tailored for single-family homes.


A Tailored Experience, Just for You

Our services at AAM are as diverse as the needs of our clients. Whether you’re exploring a la carte services to cater to specific areas of property management or seeking an all-inclusive, hands-off solution, we’re equipped to deliver. Every stage of the property management process finds its expert at AAM, ensuring that you’re never left without guidance or support.


An Unmatched Understanding of the Local Rental Landscape

AAM’s expertise is fortified by our profound understanding of the local rental market—a knowledge base that directly translates to tangible benefits for our clientele. But our commitment doesn’t end at merely understanding market dynamics. Our robust network comprising skilled subcontractors, dedicated in-house handymen, and our seasoned experience in orchestrating repair and rehabilitation projects puts us in a unique position to enhance your property’s appeal and functionality. We’re attuned to the evolving preferences of renters and buyers in our region, ensuring your property isn’t just rented but is a preferred choice.


Transforming Active Investments to Passive Income Streams

The journey with AAM is one of ease and assurance. Once we’ve secured the right tenant for your property, our comprehensive management takes the reins. From routine property maintenance to addressing tenant concerns, every facet is meticulously handled by our team. Your active investment thus metamorphoses into a steady, passive income stream, allowing you the luxury of peace of mind.



Advantage Asset Management isn’t just another property management company. We’re a testament to the belief that single-family homeowners deserve nothing but the best. Engage with our team of licensed professionals today and discover the AAM difference.



Service Packages

    Silver Gold Platinum
Rental Price Analysis  
Physical Property Inspection  
Powerful Marketing   
Physical Property Showings  
Application Process   
Detailed Move-in Process   
Rent Collection     
Accounting & Finance     
24/7 Maintenance Response    
Real Time Property Information Online    
Professional Representation     
Tenant Credit Bureau Reporting      
Tenant Compliance     
Eviction Oversight     
Annual Inspections    
Quarterly Inspections      
Eviction Guarantee       
Leasing Fee Guarantee       
Reduced Leasing Fee       
Reduced Maintenance Supervision Fees       10% (only on 3rd part maintenance) 5% (only on 3rd party maintenance)
Renewal Fee     10, 15, 20, and 20 thereafter 10, 15, 20, and 20 thereafter


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