Single Family Homes


Advantage Asset Management (AAM) started out by managing single family homes.  We felt that most property management companies did not really focus on this segment of the market.  While all firms would gladly take your property under management, we did not feel the service levels offered were up to par.  This was evident to us when we began trying to find property managers for our own properties several years ago.  After a series of bad experiences, we decided to get into the property management business with a mission to serve the single family home market.

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage certain aspects of your property or looking for a complete hassle-free solution, AAM has you covered.  We can take care of your needs at all stages of the process.  Our understanding of the rental market in the area is unparalleled and allows us to add more value back to our customers.  Our network of subcontractors, in-house handymen, experience in managing repair and rehabilitation projects, and knowledge of the specific amenities sought by renters and buyers in our market allows us to maximize the cash flow of your investment.  Once a tenant is in place, we handle all aspects of management, turning a very active investment into a passive one.

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Service Packages

  Silver Gold Platinum
Rental Price Analysis  
Physical Property Inspection
Powerful Marketing 
Physical Property Showings
Application Process 
Detailed Move-in Process 
Rent Collection 
Accounting & Finance 
24/7 Maintenance Response
Real Time Property Information Online
Professional Representation 
Tenant Credit Bureau Reporting  
Tenant Compliance 
Eviction Oversight 
Annual Inspections
Quarterly Inspections
Eviction Guarantee 
Leasing Fee Guarantee 
Reduced Leasing Fee 
Reduced Maintenance Supervision Fees   10% (only on 3rd part maintenance) 5% (only on 3rd party maintenance)
Renewal Fee 10, 15, 20, and 20 thereafter 10, 15, 20, and 20 thereafter


FAQ’s For Prospective Investors 



AAM has partnered with a new insurance “Rent Rescue” that protects your residential investment property against tenant default. It’s backed by one of the largest insurers in the world. Details on the insurance can be found below. You can purchase a policy through the below link if interested.  The application process is quick and easy and the insurance seems affordable. They provide peace of mind and eliminating the headaches of tenant default.