After the recent Supreme Court ruling, will the eviction moratorium finally be lifted?


Well it’s a great question. First of all, the Supreme Court did do the right thing and said that the eviction moratorium was unconstitutional it is a taking of money and possessions of landlords without compensation and it certainly its time certainly had come. The problem is the political reaction like the very first report I saw on the Supreme Court ruling was from the Associated Press and their headline was you know Supreme Court you know ends eviction moratorium despite the pandemic and you know the thing is is that the U.S government has had a rental assistance program in place since the beginning of the pandemic since March of 2020 tenants who are in trouble because they have lost their jobs have had an opportunity to get financial support. Participation in those programs is ridiculously low and people have said hey why should we do the paperwork when we can’t be evicted anyway. This is a very very unfortunate and frankly un-American approach to things, secondly the job market is absolutely incredible. In fact, they’re saying two out of three workers will quit their jobs and and do other jobs they’re calling it the you know the big resignation is the term that’s being used in the media because the job market is so good people have lots of opportunities. So, there’s no excuse for people to not pay rent. Politically, is a different story and what the feds have said is because due to the divided congress there is no chance that the feds will instate a legislatively imposed eviction moratorium. First of all it it’s really not in any way justified but also because of the political division it’s not going to happen so the feds have the people in DC have started yelling and hollering oh my god you know we’ve got to have the locals do it. Now we cover a fairly broad area, we cover Montgomery County which is a conservative jurisdiction. I don’t think the people up there are going to be very successful at opposing evictions but we also cover parts of Harris County, Houston. Houston is a different story, it’s been suffering from dysfunctional leadership for many many years probably 40 by my count and so we might see judges who when confronted with legitimate eviction requests turn those requests down or give people you know unjustified extensions and things like that so the answer is generally speaking this is good news. I expect it to work its way out over 60 to 90 days but it’s not a done deal and remember that it’s never been easy to do evictions. Eviction laws are generally slandered in favor of the tenant so the word of the wise to landlords out there is be sure to cross  your t’s and dot your eyes and have good legal advice as you follow that process because  it’s not a slam dunk even under normal circumstances.